2020-12-10 Company Announcement

Clinical results development of VMS invested project Gamida Cell

VMS Fund II invested project Gamida Cell (GMDA.US) announced updated and expanded results* from Phase 1 study of Natural Killer Cell Therapy GDA-201, an investigational and natural killer (NK) cell-based cancer immunotherapy for patients with non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) and multiple myeloma (MM), at the ASH annual meeting. With these encouraging results, the Company initiates Phase 2 clinical study with an aim to submit an IND in 2021.

Gamida Cell is a US/Israeli clinical stage biotech company developing cellular and immune to cure cancer and rare hematologic diseases.

*Highlights of the results: GDA-201 was well-tolerated and no dose-limiting toxicities were observed in 35 patients (19 with NHL and 16 with MM). The data show that therapy using GDA-201 with monoclonal antibodies demonstrated significant clinical activity in heavily pretreated patients with advanced NHL. Of the 19 patients with NHL, 13 complete responses and one partial response were observed, with an overall response rate of 74 percent and a complete response rate of 68 percent. The maximum tolerated dose was not achieved, as no dose limiting toxicities were observed in patients who received the maximum target dose (2 x 108 cells/kg).

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