2024-01-19 Company Announcement


On 16 January, VMS Group, in collaboration with 3Capital, successfully hosted the VMS AGI Day, an investor forum centered around the theme of artificial intelligence (AI). Four distinguished experts from the AI industry were invited to engage in an in-depth dialogue with our investors and business partners, discussing the recent trends, commercialization, and future outlook of AI.

Our Chairman Mr. Benny Chong extended a warm welcome to the distinguished guests attending the event. Benny remarked on the unprecedented speed and profound impact of AI development, which is unparalleled by other technologies. He predicted revolutionary changes across various sectors, including healthcare, finance, transportation, and entertainment. Since 2018, VMS has been strategically investing in the AI sector and has invested in seven rapidly growing companies that are leaders in their fields. In December 2023, VMS also co-launched the 3Capital AGI Fund with Ms. Esther Wong, the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of 3Capital, focusing on investing in breakthrough AGI technology companies to contribute to the sustainable development of humanity.

At this event, we were fortunate to have an assembly of outstanding entrepreneurial teams, including those from companies that have recently gone public and those in the early stages of startup. They all share one common trait: a belief in the boundless possibilities of the AI 2.0 era. We firmly believe that in their respective fields, these teams have the potential to embark on their own “voyages to the stars and seas”.

Ms. Wong commented, “This is the first time VMS and 3Cap have jointly organized AGI Day, and we hope that at the next AGI Day, the entrepreneurs invited today can bring even more surprises to everyone present.”

VMS sincerely thanks all investors, partners, and guests for their ongoing support. This event provided attendees with a valuable opportunity to interact with top AI experts. We look forward to meeting everyone again at our next event!

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