2023-09-14 Company Announcement

VMS Investor Day 2023 – Healthcare Ecosystem

We recently hosted our first Investor Day in 2023, an exclusive event for our LPs and business partners. This event brought together a panel of China’s healthcare and biotechnology experts from VMS’s portfolio companies, to share their views on various aspects of the China healthcare industry, such as emerging technologies and trends, funding challenges, and opportunities for growth.

Benny Chong, our Chairman, opened the event by delivering the welcome remarks.

In the first panel “Exploring cutting edge approaches to disease treatment”, moderated by Andrew Ng, our Managing Director and Head of Healthcare, our speakers shared their expert perspectives on the most exciting breakthrough that could revolutionize the treatment of cardiovascular disease and cancer. They also discussed their businesses’ respective niche, and key differentiation of their products among other global players.

During the second panel discussion “How CXO and biotech partnerships can help advance drug development”, moderated by Dr. Alva Chen, PhD, our Director and Therapeutics Leader, speakers pointed out that the advancement of CXO services would support the next-generation therapy and drug development. It also helps vertical integration and further expansion of CDMO business.

Healthcare is a dynamic and ever-evolving industry that touches the lives of people worldwide. It is an industry that demands constant innovation, adaptability, and collaboration. These healthcare entrepreneurs are building on China’s robust industry ecosystem to make advanced healthcare more accessible. We believe our healthcare portfolio companies would have ample potential to grow further.

1)    Prof. Jie Wang, Co-Founder of SyMap Medical
2)    Prof. Lingfeng Liu, Founder & CEO of ST Phi Therapeutics
3)    Dr. Jimmy Wei, President of Chime Biologics
4)    Dr. Karen Chu, Founder & CEO of HiRO
5)    Dr. Claudia Lin, Founder & CEO of JADE Biomedical

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