2020-05-27 Company Announcement

VMS portfolio company Leqee completed a new round of investment

Leqee, a leading brand eCommerce service provider, announced the completion of a new round of investment by CMC Capital Group, which also became Leqee’s largest shareholder.

Leqee also appointed CMC Chairman Mr. Li Rui Gang and Mr. Yan Chang as its new Chairman and CEO respectively.
Launched in 2009, Leqee offers both front-end (website setup, store operation, marketing, sales and promotion, and customer service) and back-end (warehouse & delivery, purchase & distribution and IT infrastructure) services to brand companies.

The major customer categories of Leqee include i) Beauty & Personal Care, ii) Maternal & Infant and iii) Food. The Company is well recognized by the Taobao for its service as it obtained TMall Beauty Award (天猫金妆奖), Alibaba Service Provider Pioneer Award (阿里服务商先锋大奖) and TMall Consumer Operation Outstanding Service Provider Award (天猫消费者运营优秀服务商).

VMS participated in its series B financing.

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